Week 48-23 - Photos

27 November 2023: Cozy down society

28 November 2023: Inching closer to snuggling every day.

29 November 2023: Snow glitter.

30 November 2023: Oscillating El Nino vibes.

1 December 2023: Sopapilla green chile cheeseburger from La Cocina Encantada, yummy and super friendly place!

2 December 2023: Persian pistachio love cake for KPs bday. Unfortunately I didn't realize my cake pan was too large, so it became #creamcheesecrater #mtpistachiocaldera

3 December 2023: Despite the bake snafu this was one effing delicious cake. And was devoured with unbridled delight and drooling.

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Jamie Larson