Week 35-23 - Photos

28 August 2023: Squidge has been looking particularly Shakespearean as his hair returns after the summer shave.

29 August 2023: The annual roasting of the Hatch begins... 40 lbs to go.

30 August 2023: The rise of the Blue Supermoon at the end of August was a treat.

31 August 2023: It's been trying to get into the monsoon mood all summer, but the heat domes keep pushing them away. But occasionally a rain shower slips through and we get an hour of rainbow action.

01 September 2023: Our hummer numbers have been down this year, so we are enjoying the last visits by our friends for the summer. They usually are done migrating through mid-late Sep.

02 September 2023: Miga enjoying the dog days of summer on the deck.

03 September 2023: Sunsets on point for September.

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Jamie Larson