Week 41-22 - Haibuno

10 October 2022

Monday holiday
getting it all done
before a visit from Mom

The grief came on unexpectedly and could not be quenched. Tears upon tears, pandemic years worth of tears that were never shed. A 2 am cuddle with the cats and sleep disrupted. Red eyes, stiff neck, tissues balled and discarded. We talked of compassion and then recieved a fortune that read "an eye for an eye" as a reminder that we are all blinded by our blind spots. The snow has started falling. We receive news that the sink cracked, the tire pressure is low, and another brilliant light is dimming in the world.

11 October 2022

effervescent beautific
attuned to nature

The spark of life in joyful plays of color in confined spaces, unexpectedly delightful. Take the idea, run with it, riff with it, repeat as necessary.

12 October 2022

Clearing for winter
tumbleweed seeds hide in hair
rabbits dart to lair

Attuned to a life on the other side away from ties that bind you. A serene calm elevates the senses. The cold winds have finally stopped blowing, and in comes the crisp chill. You count the number of days past your last flirtation with ignorance. The bricks are warm on your feet, and you've forgotten to turn off the tea kettle for the 100th time (or more).  Project makes perfect stich after stitch until it's done. Rest then, there is time for reconciling their past with your future. You are what you will in the winds that whisper in winter.

13 October 2022

Loop hike in canyon
Ponderosa Pine, Quercus
signs of marcescence

The forest is an entirely new place in leaf and litter. A slow stroll beneath lumbering giants and gentle breezes swaying grasses into a willful dance.  The verdent green is swiftly decomposing to a lifeless brown. Soft steps turn to crunching. The fresh air is it's own kind of expanse. How quickly you forget how to move in the open air, how quickly you remember how to skip and to stare. There is no regret in a spin of seasons. Just an exhuberant cry of delight with arms thrown high in the air. Even the slow drone of a circling plane cannot intrude into making promises of future reveries.

14 October 2022

The salmon arrived
miscommunication woes
alignment of glow

The secret crony club has activated its reserves to maintain maximal gaslight.

15 October 2022

Rain catchment in place
to capture winters excess
keep the cisterns full

Winter is tightening its grip rapidly, but stutters oscillating. The first snowballs have been caught.  The first frozen beads of water have been observed. Somehow the wild tomatoes that no one will eat are still green - hiding under tumbleweed houses eager to be gone with the wind. Daily inspirations are syncretic, cathartic, magical things that take us away from the drudgery of daily life. The life where every nook and cranny must be stuffed to dodge the draft. Cold winds of change in a statistically unhappy world. Some of us still move with a spunky weird groove - clinging desperately to the weird and wonderfully awkward, stealing inspiration from everywhere and returning it two-fold.

16 October 2022

Yellow rumped warbler
Santa Fe airport bird spot
mom visits again

Rambunctious turns to ruin in spooky season celebrations. Eager to return to celebratory normal turns to nightmare. Better to stay at home and cut your toenails in safe all by yourself. A bad ballad, an homage to times long gone, the hants are circling. They'll whisper in your ear, shake the corn husks outside your window at night, and moan exuberantly. A sole sole sits on the sidewalk, while its previous soul mourns its previous life overhead. Haunting. The spectacle's spectre has a winsome smile.

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Jamie Larson