Week 33-22 - Haibuno

15 August 2022

Starting new project
maddening bureaucracy
one doc at a time

Stuck in a rut of 'no ideas' but refusing to pay the piper or solicit dreams from strangers. I'll sit here and scroll and wait for the divine spark that has no divine within it. The spark of secular electrical connections that vibrate 'just so'. There is the angular face of a cat outlined in gold foil. There is a striking contrast between sky and land. Even mushrooms grow in the desert sometimes. You stumble upon them and say 'Hmm' that's strange. The fungus amongus sit idly by until summoned by the winds of climate change. Has it been 72 hours yet since last contact?

16 August 2022

Examine gutters
contemplate on line presence
chores and paying bills

Mired in the mundane. An extraordinary turn of phrase sparks something, anything, one tiny idea un-constricted. The pebbles squish under foot leaving us consistently unbalanced. If you turn sideways you can see the slight slope that leads to a dramatic edge. The excitement of new beginnings at the end of summer dulls but never really fades away entirely. It's more murky than when you were seven alight with the fire of fresh pencils and notebooks - elevated with the pulse of life running through your veins. The funny thing about life is that once you observe it in its hiding places, you begin to see it everywhere like colors slowly building in your brain.

17 August 2022

Running around town
signatures for documents
dotting and crossing

As you pull into the parking area that's clearly been flooded recently and slick with smooth mud you notice something different. Something distinctly not smooth where smoothness, or even-ness is expected. Reality is constantly being reshaped. Even the stones seemingly stuck in a state of suspension are not immune to... Change. Change is. Inevitable. Uninvited. Expected. Obtuse. Elongated. Today the sunflowers have flowers, tomorrow they will be seed, or cut down and turned into a weed raft. Which of course will Change, the drumbeat of the inevitable march of time. Succinct. Do you have your paddle? Do you have your strength? The tide is turning, and anticipation meets the slow rolling thunder of tick-tock tick-tock.

18 August 2022

Driving through forest
forgot to bring cash for lunch
Pedernal burro

15:38 and the 'Boom Booms' begin as a relentless thunder of summer and a frigid caress of storm outflow. What does that even mean? What good is something when there isn't enough nuance and everything is distilled down to a standard? Pliability versus unyielding. Sabado, Sabado, Sabado! One illumination after another.

19 August 2022

Standing on 2 feet
saying who can pass, who can't
volunteer tired

This is a memory of a memory that I don't remember except in 'thank you' and 'can i see your wrist band'. I remember an angelic voice and disco ball flashes in the heights of the cottonwoods. The rest is pot smoke haze swirling in a glowstick halo. Is anyone in control here?

20 August 2022

Rain and hummingbirds
dancing in the sunflowers
contrasting dark skies

The numbers are swiftly falling again, but there is still distrust. It will be this way for a very long time. Incalcuable. Our friend rolls away to get a shot in the flank steak. And then lies down in a puddle of inconsolable. Puddle being the operative word. A yellow stream of confidence is the dominant color. Go cower under your blanket until the storm passes and the lightning ceases to amaze. Your spark remains sharply embedded in your friends souls.

21 August 2022

Beautiful day hang
nectar attracts all critters
to feast in the folds

I am at 3% of capacity despite the recent deluge. I most definitely did not steal the docs. I am surgically enhanced. I most definitely did not eat the last cookie. I am not sorry. I most obvious to the most obscure. The sycophants are revolting. No, not disgusting. I am whining about transparency, but used a permanent marker. I am a golden calf that is going to need to speak with your manager. Now. It's very curious, i thought it was cheesesteak, or a coward, or a tyrant. Where did your arms go? Probably in that box labeled 'classified'. Whooo summertime, outta here!

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Jamie Larson