Week 27-23 - Photos

03 July 2023: The summer balloon brigade is in full force.

04 July 2023: Cold fermented dough pizza experiments continue. I think i've perfected the dough recipe and fermentation time.

05 July 2023: A heat dome has settled in, and everyone is flat on the couch in the late afternoons.

06 July 2023: Laboring outside in the heat all morning means salt cravings, dill pickle chips...always.

07 July 2023: They have an understanding.

08 July 2023: The midges are mostly done so it's morning deck time again.

09 July 2023: With the oppressive heat and lack of rain the sunflowers are off to a slow start. However, this one that is easily 8' tall is poppin.

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Jamie Larson