The Ten Essentials System - Zine

'The Ten Essentials' is a system approach to helping people be prepared for emergency situations in the outdoors. The system was originally a list created in the 1930s by The Mountaineers, a Seattle-based organization for climbers and outdoors adventurers.

I've created a printable mini-zine illustrating the ten essentials and some examples of typical items in each 'essential'. This is a handy little guide that you can print out,  fold into a zine, and stuff in your planning kit or backpack.

The Ten Essentials System List and some examples:

  1. Navigation - map, compass, gps
  2. Illumination - flashlight, headlight, candle
  3. Sun Protection - Sun Tan Lotion, Sun protective clothing, sunglasses
  4. First Aid - first aid kit, prescription medications
  5. Tools - knife, multi-tool, rope, duct-tape
  6. Fire - matches, lighter, fire-starter
  7. Shelter - space blanket, tarp, tent
  8. Insulation - hats, socks, gloves, packable jacket, rain gear
  9. Nutrition - protein, carbs, I always take an extra 2000 cals worth of goodies
  10. Hydration - water, water purification tablets, water filter, sports drink

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Jamie Larson