Week 18-24 - Curiosities

Hummers have returned! Black chinned at the feeder.

Greetings from the Mesa

We've been enjoying warm mornings drinking coffee on the front patio watching the hummers and all the other birds do their spring dance. Flop tan on my feet is for real. Finally some things are progressing, albeit slowly (of course). April winds have been replaced with May winds. We prepped the garden for planting this week. Excited to have fresh food coming in on the regular soon. It's all spring time go man go this week.

Curiosities of the Week

  1. Radio Garden - listen to radio stations from all over the globe (link tuned to Montreal). It's fun to spin the globe and tune in to different countries.
  2. Orangutan, Heal Thyself (NYTimes) "For the first time, scientists observed a primate in the wild treating a wound with a plant that has medicinal properties."
  3. The Sriracha Shortage Is a Very Bad Sign (The Atlantic) "Chili peppers thrive in hot and dry conditions. But even they have their limits." Climate change. This is just the beginning.
  4. The complex case of growing native plants (High Country News) "As the use of native plants becomes more widespread, Indigenous communities could lose out."
  5. Variations on the Theme of Silence (The Common Reader) "Why silence is not the absence of noise but its contrary twin"


TV/Movies: We finished A Man in Full, and still watching Under the Bridge, and Mary and George. TV viewing is starting to slow down. Maybe I'll actually finish the book I've been reading for the past 2 months!

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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Jamie Larson