Week 19-24 - Curiosities

Cold fermented pizza dough experiments continue. Homemade goat cheese experiments have just begun! Basil seedling thinning for an extra bite.

Greetings from the Mesa

This was the week of not moving forward again because the "rules" keep changing. While we missed the best day of aurora viewing because of clouds, I think we managed to see them on Saturday night (at least through the phone cam). It has been raining steadily, getting the garden good and soaked before planting, and filling the cisterns. Fully ready for garden season now. Lots of food experimentation happening: homemade goat cheese, homemade sourdough crackers, vegan muffins, cold fermented pizza dough... Eating well these days, and saving a ton of money on groceries.

Curiosities of the Week

  1. Surprising' Surge in US Tornadoes Explained (Newsweek) My go to lately for all things weather has been the Ryan Hall Y'all YT channel. He covers severe weather outbreaks live, and has detailed weekly forecasts. The Y'all Squad even has an NFP that helps provide relief for storm damaged areas. I love weather nerdery.
  2. Apparently Hot Honey is the new must have condiment. Why not make it yourself?
  3. It’s Not Your Imagination. Your Allergies Are Getting Worse. (NYT) They certainly are here - although I think swirling dust contributes a lot to the general irritation.
  4. If you didn't hear about the auroras over the weekend, you need to crawl out from under your rock. You can get all the deets on solar flares, and potential aurora viewings from the Space Weather Prediction Center. They have tons of great information. Turns out we need a KP Index of 8 or 9 to see aurora in New Mexico.
  5. Wildfire season is back... An explosive wildfire threatens to overrun a Canadian town as US gets season’s first dose of smoke (CNN) Have you checked your emergency plans and go bags lately?


Books: Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky aka "Planet of the Spiders". It took me forever to get through this book, just couldn't get into it even though the premise is interesting. Jumping spiders are cool. There are two more books in the series which i'll be skipping.

TV Currently Watching: Mary and George, Under the Bridge, Hacks S1, The Veil. Tried to watch Dead Boys Detectives but couldn't get into it.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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Jamie Larson