Week 30-23 - Photos

24 July 2023: We're having a bit of a cottontail bunny explosion right now. There's been very little rain so all the predators are closer to the river (at least I think).

25 July 2023: We've been enjoying the crisp mornings before it gets too beastly hot to have morning coffee on the deck. Miga is now a deck queen.

26 July 2023: More post rain sunset goodness.

27 July 2023: R. Garcia's mural in Taos Plaza. If you don't know the history of nuclear arms development in New Mexico - please do yourself a favor and do more research than watching that O movie.

28 July 2023: The monsoon rainbows are back! (briefly)

29 July 2023: It is absolute carnage in the garden. All the pests are searching for water, and they are eating all the things. But I managed to get at least one tomatillo so far. I think we'll be able to get some food out of the garden this year, but OMG the carnage. Last time KP looked at the local farm and garden group over 40 people also have decimated gardens.

30 July 2023: Went into town for some sandwiches and to see some art, found this natural sculpture being constructed - in a sculpture.

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Jamie Larson