Week 41-23 - Photos

9 October 2023: The monarchs are coming through really late this year.

10 October 2023: Fall sunsets are really setting off the Sangres.

11 October 2023: Cottonwood golden road to Santa Fe.

12 October 2023: Hanging in the golden aspens. This fall has been a spectacular riot of yellow.

13 October 2023: The best pie I've ever had, green chile pinon apple a la mode from the Chile Line Depot in Tres Piedras.

14 October 2023: We drove down to the Galisteo basin to see the annular eclipse. It was AMAZING. This is a pic just before the annular max that I took through solar glasses with my cell phone. Not the best, but it worked!

15 October 2023: The kiva at Pot Creek Cultural site. This is a really nice site with a short and informative hike through the forest.

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Jamie Larson