Week 04-24 - Curiosities

Happy International Blueberry Pancake Day. The Stack is mighty!

Greetings from the Mesa

The week of tangled in bureaucracy. In better news with one day left in January I have successfully navigated my first month sans Amazon or Instagram. Don't miss a thing.

Curiosities of the Week

The Secret Language of Ships (Hakai Magazine) Signs and symbols on the sides of ships tell stories about an industry few outsiders understand. I imagine the same is true for trains.

Enter the loony bin OR how to suck all the joy out of making a home your home.: 8 Must-Know Rules for Creating a Monochromatic Color Scheme (The Spruce) All white, all gray, all yuck. Sitting in this kind of room would absolutely drive me batty.

The Cult of AI (Rollingstone) Having worked in the tech industry this does not surprise me at all. And it turns out humans wrote that George Carlin "AI" (Popular Science) routine. If you've ever used AI tools to write something this should not surprise you.

Chord Formula Cheat Sheet (Jake Lizzio) This is pretty rad and relatively simple chart to make almost every chord on guitar (or other instrument). There's also a full video explanation.

I don't give 3 poops about football or Taylor Swift but the fact that she's making MAGAtts apoplectic makes me kinda happy.


Books: Seveneves by Neil Stephenson. I haven't read hard-core sciencey sci-fi in a long time. Neil Stephenson takes a deep dive into surviving an extinction level event on Earth in outer space. 800 pages of hard-core sci-fi, and some really bad ass women characters. I dig it.

TV/Movies: True Detective: Night Country Jodie Foster playing a detective in the arctic. Sign me up. Two episodes in and enjoying it so far. The mining town of Ennis reminds me a little bit of Kate Beatons experiences at the Alberta tar sands in her graphic novel Ducks.

Music: Hania Rani

Thinking about:
In the town of Taos, NM there are 3 child care options, and 11 cannabis dispensaries. Put that sad factoid in your pipe and smoke it.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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Jamie Larson