Week 23-23 - Photos

5 June 2023: A stormy start to June makes for some spectacular sky drama.

6 June 2023: Mama KP came for a visit, so I made my fermented pizza dough, and we each made personal pizzas. So much fun. So delicious.

7 June 2023: Summer vacation is here, and the balloons are back at their daily flights.

8 June 2023: Mourning Cloak Butterfly caterpillar invasion. We removed several large clumps that were defoliating one of the Siberian Elms. The birds took care of most of the rest of the invasion.

9 June 2023: Our Says Phoebes fledglings got kicked out of the nest early, and invaded the back patio. Mama Says is back on the nest for brood #2. There were 5 baby birds, but I think only 2 made it, maybe 3.

10 June 2023: Disco donkey doing her signature move.

11 June 2023: Amazing storm over the Sangre de Cristos. We watched this storm continually flash for over 2 hours. This was taken when the storm was about 75 miles away. Crazy surreal.

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Jamie Larson