Week 40-23 - Photos

2 October 2023: The sun has swung to the south, the solar gain is real, and the Squidge is taking advantage.

3 October 2023: The outdoor garden is coming to an end, and it is time to pull the tomatillos. Had a pretty good harvest this year.

4 October 2023: Meanwhile in the greenhouse, we are filling it with berry shrubs to plant next year.

5 October 2023: Green chile cheeseburger and some brews to celebrate the second summer vibes.

6 October 2023: Trip to Santa Fe and we stopped at the carts near the roundhouse to get some awesome Thai food and freshly made cake donuts.

7 October 2023: Squidge is hunkering down during the cold nights.

8 October 2023: The pumpkin harvest was small but mighty this year, can't wait to process, and save seeds for next year.

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Jamie Larson