Week 13-23 - Curiosities

News from the Mesa:

Lift-driven ski season is coming to a close. I put in 14 days of morning laps, and ~241,081' vertical. The mountain opens to uphill traffic next week. I may try to do some 'earn your turns' days. We'll see how slushie it gets. My cost per day ended up being about $37. I'll happily trade one day of eating out for a day of skiing.

We have the greenhouse ready to plant, but the weather has been too cold, hopefully next week we'll be putting seeds in the ground. Really jonesing for some fresh veg.

If you are planning a trip to Great Sand Dunes NP check out nearby Sand Dunes Recreation Pools in Hooper, CO - they have an adult only tropical greenhouse with hot springs pools that is utter bliss.

1. The war on women continues unabated. "To me, the most disturbing part of it is just how extreme these legislatures are willing to go in terms of throwing out other fundamental rights in order to attack access to health care". This. All of it seems decidedly unAmerican.

2. The benefits of creative grit “People exhibit an insight bias, such that they undervalue persistence and overvalue insight in the creative process." Persistence!

3. “The Godzilla Megamullion is the largest known oceanic core complex on the Earth, and more than 10 times larger in area than those developed on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge" This is a new geology term for me: "Megamullions are dome-shaped rises generally found along slowly spreading mid-ocean ridges. Characterized by ridgelike structures, megamullions are thought to form during spreading episodes when faults expose deep magmatic or mantle rocks on the seafloor."

4. Lock picking, or... Everything is open (read not secure). I have to admit that I recently used a Lock Picking Lawyer's video to open a trailer lock, and used another Youtube video to open the trailer door (this is my trailer so i was breaking into my own stuff). It was ridiculously easy in both cases.

5. Concert ticket prices, eating out, it's all getting insanely expensive. I would really like to see Depeche Mode this fall. But cheapest tickets are > $250. Nope. Hard nope. I'm done with stadium shows. 
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