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Hargie Posts

12-26 August 2019

12 August

Friends: Collecting fennel in the neighborhood

14 August

Friends: Afternoon at Rooster Rock

15 August

Napping with the cats

16 August

Friends: Slime Mold spotting while hiking Siouxon Creek
Oxalis – wood sorrel in the sunshine

18 August

Friends: Camping in a secret place near Portland

19 August

My favorite boyfriend Lorenzo

22 August

Friends: vegan Japanese cook-off! Okonomiyaki, congee, and veggie sushi! Nom.

24 August

Friends: Quick trip up to Laurance lake on Mt. Hood to practice kayaking! Super fun! Hadn’t been in a kayak since I was 16. Excited to do it again soon!

25 August

Friends: Another beautiful blue bird day out at Rooster Rock

26 August

Do Plants Have Something to Say? (NYT)

Experience teaches plants to learn faster and forget slower in environments where it matters (Springer)

“Maybe we should admit that we hardly understand who we are, we hardly understand where we are at, we know very little compared to what there is to know,” she said. “To be open to explore and learn, I think that is the sign of wisdom, not of madness. And maybe wisdom and madness do look very similar, at some point.”

Monica Gagliano
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