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Kiri Hargie is a Taos County, NM based multidisciplinary artist, writer, and sometimes scientist. She has been produced interactive artwork, experimental animations, and mixed media artwork that has been shown nationally and internationally since the early 2000s. She is passionate about the intersection of art & science, and is the founder of Taos County based art/science residency program WOWArtSci. Her first book of haiku/haibun called the Almanac of Wonder and Wander Vol. 1 will be published in early 2023.

Artist Statement

I have spent nearly my entire life chronicling daily observations of the natural movement of things (people, animals, plants… the world). I’m on book #116. Each one of my artworks, whether it be an experimental animation, mixed media piece, or writing is an abstracted response to these observations. That response can take the form of another observation, or an answer, or another question, or simply a response. My modes of abstraction reflect my belief that there are no black and white answers to anything in the world. The processes by which I create my artwork are ones of continual experimentation, and spontaneous surprises. This is a direct result of my background in the sciences: observe, process, ask more questions, tweak your design, make more observations, repeat as needed.


Kiri Hargie
Taos County, NM


Postgraduate – Interactive Art and Entertainment Programme
Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, Toronto, ON, 2005

BS in Biology , BS in Geology
Clarkson University and Portland State University


AI vs. Human - Animation
AUGUST 2023 - Taos Animated Shorts - TCA - Taos, NM

1 Minute on the Mesa I and II – Animation
NOVEMBER 2022 - TCA Open Screening - Taos, NM

10, 950 Part 1 - Animation
JULY 2014 - Free, Twee, Mean and Evergreen - Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
MAY 2012 - Portland Experimental Film Festival - Studio Two, Portland, OR

10,950 Part 2 - Animation
APRIL 2014 - Everyone's a Little Queer - Videofag, Toronto, ON Canada
NOV 2013 - Gaze #6: Luminous Impulse - Artists' Television Access San Francisco, CA
SEPT 2013 - Repressed Cinema Local Animation - Hollywood Theater, Portland, OR
NOV 2012 - Portland Stew - Grand Detour @ BoomBap, Portland, OR

The Places Left in Passing – Animation
APRIL 2008 - Her Shorts-3 Ring Circus Productions New Orleans, LA
MAY 2008 - Her Shorts- University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA
JULY 2007 Odds and Ends Volume 2 - Rake Gallery, Portland, OR
MAY 2007 - Her Shorts Women’s International Video Festival. The Historic Y, Tucson, AZ
MAR 2007 - International Women’s Day Fundraiser for 2008 Portland Women’s Film Festival - Milagros Boutique, Portland, OR

At Ta Go Go - Animation
NOV 2006 - “Odds and Ends” Screening - Gallery Homeland, Portland, OR.

‘Behind the Smile’ – Live action animation
APR 2005 - “24 Hour Toronto Film Challenge” Screening - Bloor Cinema. Toronto, ON, Canada.

“24 in 48 Kiri Hargie” – Cell Phone Cam Storytelling Project
NOV 2004 - “24 in 48” – Defunct online project - NYC, NY.


OCTOBER 2023 - AI vs. Human - Taos Abstract Art Collective Fall Show, Encore Gallery, Taos, NM

Interactive Installation and Animation
APRIL 2009 - “Blankety Blank” Group Show - Watershed, Portland, OR

Sculptures and Animated Film
MAR 2007 - Identity, Black Sheep Art Collective Group Show - Crux Gallery, Portland, OR

Mixed Media Illustrations
MAR 2007 - “Self Portraits” Group Show - Random Order, Portland, OR
FEB 2007 - “Anatomical Hearts” Quart Valentine’s Day Group Show - The Q Center, Portland, OR

DEC 2006 - “Machines are Beautiful” Group Show - Muddy Waters, Portland, OR

The Lunatics - Interactive Installation
DEC 2005 - “The Lunatics” - DeLeon White Gallery. Toronto, ON, Canada
JUL 2005 - Habitat Prototype Launch - Gladstone Hotel Gallery. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Digital Collage & Illustrations
FEB 2001 - “Salon at Mergatroid” – Mergatroid, Brooklyn, NY.


The Almanac of Wonder and Wander Vol. 1 – 2021
APRIL 2023

Toothpick Girl: Journal entries in "Try reading journals in English"
MAY 2004
ISBN-13: 9784331510506 ISBN-10: 4331510506
pages: 202-209

Guillaume - Poetry
JUN 1992 - Clarkson Literary Magazine - Potsdam, NY


JUN 2004 - “Tales of Extremely Gay Gayness”- P.S. 122. WYSIWYG Talent Show. NYC, NY.
FEB 2004 - “Worst.Sex.Ever” - P.S. 122. WYSIWYG Talent Show. NYC, NY.

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