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A little summer MTB on Hood River Mountain (1 June 2019)

My mission is to educate and excite people about the physical world using science, technology and art!


kiri at hargie dot com

this experiment:

will investigate, ponder, and pub/re-publish links and other ephemera about a veritable cornucopia of topics:
art in pdx and around the world, science, intersection of art/science, ham radio, cephalopods, design, music, politics, volcanoes and other geological tidbits, stuff that inspires, hiking & the outdoors, creativity of all kinds, Kiri Hargie Mixed Media Art & Design work, and anything else interesting, weird, useful, or otherwise.

This website has been around in one incarnation or another since 28 February 1995. Yes. Really.

this Hargie:

Kiri currently resides in Portland, OR.


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