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Tag: floating

22 – 31 July 2019

22 July

Friends: Unbeknownst to me at the time, spent the afternoon in the hammock and floating at Rooster Rock S.P, it was National Hammock Day. Found the perfect spot too. Absolutely perfect day on the water.

23 July

Mr. Majestic Mystical aka Kitonga aka Tongy Bonder giving me some love eyes because he wants to play with the new crack toy.

24 July

Loving Lynda Barry’s 4 panel monster drawing exercise. It brings me such joy!

25 July

Friends: Vegan taco cook off and selling at Last Thursday. Nom Nom Fun.

Clockwise from top left: spicy lime roasted cauliflower with mango slaw, buffalo roasted cauliflower with ranch and avacado slaw, 4 bean & quinoa salad, garam masala baked tofu with cashew crema and mango salsa.

26 July

Mr. Pickle has flowered!

28 July – 30 July

Friends: 3 night camp out in Mt. Hood National Forest

Hanging in my happy place.
A beautiful snag
Huckleberry haul!
Humptilumps gets his yearly bath and float.
Huckleberry pancakes and whiskey!

31 July

Friends: Melissa Etheridge at Ilani Casino in Ridgefield, WA.

Melissa Etheridge still rocking hard at 58.
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