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27 August – 23 October 2019

27 August

Inspiration: Under Covers by Michaela Olsen. (Animation)

9 September

Inspiration: Lynda Barry Explores the Language of Art (Publishers Weekly)

“That’s when writing and drawing usually split,” she says. “But there are two working languages in human life. One is sort of top of the mind, what we’re conscious of. The other is this unconscious stuff that we might not know about or have access to. The way we access it is usually through this thing we call ‘the arts.’ Unfortunately, that has gotten removed from the regular daily experience of human life. What I’m trying to do is to show that there is a way that they can come together, and that you can make things in a way that makes you actually feel alive and present. That’s what I’m after: feeling alive in the world.”

Lynda Barry

23 October

My o my how time flies. Whirlwind of long roadtrips, lemon balm filled with migratory birds, dancing at concerts, writing, drinking beer, mushrooms, sunsets, sunrises, seeds, vegan food, fall colors galore, fuzzy creatures, fossils, clam strips, waves, arms and trees.

I should probably get back to a regular practice of posting here… maybe. 🙂

Inspiration: Sketchbooks as Healing: Prashant Miranda (Youtube)

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