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17 September 2022

Seeking connection
interactive joyfulness
dodging others breath

He was assigned the role of assassin, but he had never killed a soul and was having serious doubts. They sent him out into the desert of his homeland to seek his truth. He found his ‘God’ sitting on a dune – a glowing fat critter with large pointy teeth and a gruesome smile. His ‘God’ gave him 3 tasks – ‘go love 2 things, and gain justice for 1 thing to make your assignment valid’. He accepted these tasks. ‘God’ went back to squatting on her dune, elbow firmly planted on her knee squinting over the sands.

The entrance to the assassins pyramid is a sea of chaos as hundreds of thousands gathered for their assignments. Ready and not ready simultaneously. He became one of a milieu that never had the tools necessary to complete their jobs, and yet get done they did.


Will See Where It Goes – Ink and gouache on coldpress – 7″ x 3.5″ (Purchase)
Curio strip sales support artists in residence at WOWArtSci.

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