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NovHaibuno – 26

26 – Omicron (Another variant of concern)

Another new strain
seven teachings life and self
self sufficiency

“upper class delusionals can afford to indulge their paranoia about being vaccinated only because the masses bear the so-called dangers of vaccinations” – Louise Erdrich

Momentary relief returns to ongoing dread. The snow falls and smiles emerge unbidden. Everyone is hiding from the cold tucked up into fleece and woolens like a tamale. We watch the sun grown down and the clouds evaporate. I wildly miscalculated the effect of dairy and sugar as the holiday cheer brings an uncheery case of tensioncholia. The wind carries more than its share of stretchy. Remember folks, incomplete snow removal can cause hypervigilence. The cat tongue causes the porcelain dish to chime though it is not feeding time. The wind down to the end of the year is full of stumbling and out-of-character argumentative. We polish the past and rime with the sublimating snow drifts.

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