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NovHaibuno – 24

24 – Inspirers

Rereading great books
is not normally my thing
the greats deserve it

They say that by reading the greats you will be imparted with some essential wisdom and thus become a better person. Sounds like some elitist bullshit to me. Or maybe a wrinkle in the obsession will delete the recurring assessment. Or maybe it’s as mundane as ordering couch covers on the couch. One thing after another until you jump off the merry-go-round and turn into a moth attracted by an enormous shiny aluminium wrapped souvenir. There is simply no point in keeping up to stay relevant. Trends come, trends go, let’s get to the real meat and potatoes of it all. Why? Why not? Trending. Influenced. Do you really want to be influenced? Discovery can’t be purchased with a 10% off code to tomorrows has been. High winds, winter chill, frozen words in English only, comprende? I will cover the stalk in wax and set it on fire to illuminate the way. There is no way. There is one way. Forging solitude, forging delight, fording the river into the light.

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