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NovHaibuno – 23

23 – Library

I love libraries
imaginations run wild
ignites our passions

We met at the pink house swollen with mold for a undisclosed performance. People were milling at tables drinking wine like the olden days. But something felt hinky. Wrong. Way off base. I walked away – down the block rapidly always looking over my shoulder. Then simultaneously turning and ducking behind the nearest car I saw the pink house explode. Processing all the unknowns in a heart beat. The conspirors will hide away in the open, tucked away in the shady spaces. We’ve lost our initiative to defend. Instead we just walk away and watch it all go to hell. Sometimes I stare out the window at the swaying sage and see the ghosts of wanderers staring back. I ask myself was it just a trick of light or my imagination running wild…?

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