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NovHaibuno – 21

21 – Hard Work Pays Off

Finished greenhouse frame
maybe the hardest part done?
back to biscuit time

Sidetracked is the mode du jour. Teal is the color of inclusivity tomorrow will be a indescript periwinkle. The carnies are coming to steal your children and pets and build life size lego houses that command respect. You will of course lean to one side, fall off your foundation, and whistle to the shadows. The dark spaces grow more cavernous and scary. There is always something looming. The viral blizzard is on the final approach, and the touch down will be iffy. Fear erases all hope of normalcy again… and again… To the point of toenail biting anxiety. In the middle of the night you say ‘where are they coming from’ those unknown souls that scratch at the window screen. No one knows where it came from or why so many have decided it’s the driving force of their denial campaign.

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