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NovHaibuno – 20

20 – Ordinary Day

Mouse patrol and town
birthday package and dump run
minutae of life

An ode to the ordinary minutae of life:
a patch of rabbit fur, a dried mullein stalk, a warm and cozy cat, dust bunnies behind the refrigerator, coffee grinds in the last sip, the urge to pee, staying warm by the fire, the purr of the heating circulator, a half glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, Moiras in the grocery store, computer files that you’ll never look at again but can’t bring yourself to delete, reaching out to your loved ones in the middle of the night, rock collections, dirt on your shoes, the unpatched hole in your pants, a mild headache, mouse turds in the toolshed, the crispy cheese on the chile relleno, exact change, an efficient grocery store packer, a lowrider on a dirt road, rain in August, the last page of a page-turner, huzzahs of unexpected laughter, the first cookie out of the oven, sliding on mud, seamless animation, learning new things, changing batteries, shared old memories, finding old writings and cringing, slipping fingers inside onesies, severe clear blue skies, alpenglow, saying the final goodbye “i love you”…

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