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NovHaibuno – 14

14 – Almanac

A difficult read
no nice characters at all
no hero to love

Generational suffering is a tone, or a tomb, or a call to arms. It has an astringant flavor that colors the easiest path. Eons, epochs, periods, presence. The tallest tales are not tied to a length but to a sinew of tattle. That piece of cartiledge stuck between your teeth that grows rancid with the telling. We are not that different from our stories. Stories that evolve and diverge wildly . The nugget of truth never strays far from the nugget from whence it came. Wincing at the merest breath of what we don’t even know what we are part of but that gives us strength, courage, and solidifies our power stance. Some say they can teach you this stance, but it all seems phony. Some sit in their anger and breathe it life and their light turns to darkness no matter how hard they love. Instead It could have been a true story of a terrible injustice and a generous response. But who am I to know or judge?

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