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NovHaibuno – 16

16 – Weading Wabbits

New book in progress
frame complete and follow up
there has been no rain

Wake up in the morning with a bad dream hangover trying to escape from a tidal wave of black foam. Fortunately there’s a cottontail contemplating a universe of grass and an itch on its left rear leg to soothe you. Another cup of coffee, a handful of walnuts and an oatmeal bar to groove you. A banger (do kids still use that term these days) of a new tune to move you. If I could only zoom you bunny nibbles… Good news comes in small packages of fur. Except around the corner. Why go to the desert on a bus with no name and no heat and no rain? Down the road there’s a wanderer wandering or purposeful. No one knows. They will meet at the cattle guard and whisper proverbs of the stoics to one another, and then set the free pile on fire to stay warm. Further astray there’s an abandoned truck with a load of trash in the bed. Tow it all to the dump but don’t just idly flick your cigarette out the window. The masked alcholic at the grocery store can’t hide his ashen face and slow tempo. Frosty winds wail hopes for snow over the iron hills. The bunny backhoes a small depression into the gravel and the stars turn overhead unheeded. The universe of a cottontail is sage green and wispy.

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