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NovHaibuno – 15

15 – Will it grow / La Nina

The build is going
moving heavy house to base
in the dusty soil

We’ve had no significant rain for a month. The soil has turned to dust, technically silt. A fine mist that covers the dog when she bounds after the frisbee. If there has been a strong wind the top of the soil smooths out and you can find traces of the nighttime critters. A path across the path creates a tiretread trail of tiny toes. Pack rat or field mice or pocket gopher or some other nefarious Rodentia. The machinations of the turning seasons have us waving to our favorite raptors on the lines as we drive into town. Each stakes a claim on a section of road. The prairie dogs of summer are tight in their holes or become road kill or raptor bait. The general pace has slowed significantly, waiting, breathing, biding time before the next big winter storm to roll in. It all seems perfectly normal until you speak with the farmers – too warm, too dry, too much change too quickly. Much too quickly for the pace of La Nina November.

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