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NovHaibuno – 13

13 – Viral

We know what we did
not too much worry about
we will all catch it

The pastel streaks fade across the sky. They fade in concert with our fading dreams of arriving on the other side of the pandemic unscathed. Everyone has a story to tell. We have hidden away. We have exuberantly forged forward with blind eyes and broken hearts. There is sadness here. There is hope here. There is change here. There is no way out of this. The epidemiologists say we will all catch it eventually. Now or later we wait. The waiting can be joyful. The waiting can be painful. The waiting can be waiting on top of waiting. And that is enough. The mystery of tomorrow arrives in the present with a loud bang and a twisted pre-sense. The presence of an ulterior motive cages us in suspense. We had one chance to right the wrongs of dragging our feet. We anthropomorphize clouds and sing to the motion of suspended clay in puddles. Going with the flow is our only option. Other options remain negligible and inconsequential.

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