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NovHaibuno – 11

11 – The Build

Start the greenhouse build
a shit ton of nuts and screws
and 5 yards of soil

Feeling far behind with head tucked into blanket and a soft whisper of grooming. Coffee and leftovers fueling new pursuits. Back to the grind in the final push to finish and get things started. Finding the things that are purposefully hidden in the underground knowledge network. Those that fight for the rights of those that can’t fight at all. You just have to know where to look, and not so subtly not give a damn. Sun shines, feet fidget, burps come unbidden. Removing the bitterness at least once a month is critical, you can thank me later. Sometimes the words don’t come at all, but sink into skepticism and remorse. Free will or what my mother made me, it’s a toss-up. Rejection is a key component to figuring out which is which. The chief conundrum is this: staring off into space on a Sunday afternoon can lead to even more blisters on the tips of your fingers. We scrub and scrub trying to soften what has been worked to the nubs. I reach for your hip in the morning willing it to form into some sort of comfortable. Turns out you were waiting for your luggage at baggage claim while I had disappeared.

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