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NovHaibuno – 10

10 – Bananas

Chocolate muffins
using and freezing the fruit
nothing goes to waste

Mixing the last of the wat into eggs, not wasting a single bite. Waste not, want not. There are birds about, but minimal in numbers. The last stragglers of the coldest nights. We are shocked by news that keeps building in the intensity of ‘things ain’t right’. We go back and forth to town, making sure things are put away while we wait for the waiting. People go to work, then they go home and rest with future plans laid beside them in their beds of uncertainty. We were not like this before, and may never be like this again. If we could time travel we may never go back to the might have been, except to touch without fear again. The memories lack the fine details that give life to dead places. The freedom of letting go allows new experiences to take hold and permeate the interstitial spaces where fear looms. A general panic sets in when permutations are altered beyond our control. We fear what we know doesn’t fit with what we don’t know. The feeling is definitely not the same. We have to be able to take care of ourselves.

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