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NovHaibuno – 9

9 – Cars

Cars to capitol
keeping them in tip top shape
El Parasol meal

Get in, get out. Second trip to the capitol in less than a week and it’s absolutely exhausting. The cold brown of winter dust mixes with car exhaust and overdevelopment. It’s slightly nauseating. The golden cottonwoods that made the drive scenic are done. There are only whispy clouds and the last of the golden hour light casting long shadows on eroded formations. The water is long gone, and not coming back until the cloud seeders have their way. And maybe not even then. The price of technology is on everyone’s lips. Oh there is talk, and more talk, and more talk, but the ones making the most noise are never heard. The din of inequity is deafening. When you are given the words for burnout you are given power. But only if you have space to process the difference between gypsum and alabaster. Nature doesn’t judge.

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