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NovHaibuno – 8

8 – Pest Mesh

Greenhouse pest mesh in
meeting needs going to town
busy week in plans

The temperature dropped suddenly and dramatically. The gophers rose to the surface in great numbers and munched happily on the alfalfa mulch. They leave ragamuffin mounds everywhere. Disrupting and aerating in equal measure. The mulch had worked perfectly up until that point. I saw the little brown head oblivious to all but the mystical grasses. In my drawer a mouse happily munched on some lavendar scented goats milk soap. Who knows when? There was carnage on the floor yesterday morning. Half eaten bits and cat barf. The cats have been on constant alert. The cold brings out the best in all the critters. We protest but they happily munch on. We put out steel mesh and hope for the best. A preventative not a cure.

I have grown weary of making the same phone calls repeatedly. Everyone is out to lunch, just scrapping by, or otherwise preoccupied. Will there be a renaissance after all of this, or just more of the same ole blah blah blah? Until we have the strength, resolve, and energy to address the ills, the ills will come with the chill and freeze us all in place.

Our red tailed hawk neighbor sits on the flag pole next door and casts a keen and relentless eye. The Labyrinth quivers.

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