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April 2021

Slow month overall, highlighted by wildflowers, bunny cake 2.0, lots of sun-soaking and first vaccine dose. Now, It’s 100 day hiatus time, back in August-ish.

Starting again now
my life is a series of
starts and stops non-stop

Anxiety spreads
like a dandelion puff
lands where not needed

The bone gnawer spins
til she ends up in her cave
countdown til snoring

Will it or won’t it?
the back and forth of waiting
unknown decisions

The relief is real
hitting refresh until I
confirm a first dose

The story untold
is one that dies when life is
not set free to fly

What are the chances
of quiet contemplation
when life is noisy?

The next steps roll in
one and then one and then one
until it is done

Case counts tick upward
fear continues hope survives
until the next day

Sweet beasties all round
nibbling your toes and fingers
demanding cuddles

The waiting game is
a series of ups and downs
to land someplace new

Setting boundaries
but not keeping them locked tight
causes me distress

lingers in the mind and soul
waiting to be tapped

doldrums reduce momentum
keeping us stagnant

Bugs land on window
locked as one in mating flight
deposit and drop

The shot. That was it?
a well organized machine
gives relief and hope

The spin carousel
revolves effortlessly now
until derailment

3 million have died
faceless nameless to some, all
stories left untold

The pitch spins a yarn
that sounds too good to be true
I think I will pass

Optimistic view
do not be afraid of could
happy in receipt

The time to putter
is the time to relax
and let the mind wander

Wildflowers in bloom
the Earth breathes again and sings
a suspended chord

and disparity unchecked
a growing shitstorm

casserole dreams are a sign
of anxious repose

Sitting in sunshine
playing catch with the dog in
synchronous putter

Taping to the end
the list grows ever smaller
it’s full steam ahead

The morning coffee
takes the edge off the seeping
cold that has soaked in

Simply arising
I am a spectator of

Waking up to sun
the reward of positive
despite the setbacks

Every year at tax
time I have conniptions of
existential angst

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