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1 – 10 July 2019

1 July 2019

There was a tornado in the hood yesterday. Squidge was freaked out. I watched debris fly though the sky. Hail, roaring winds, and torrential rains. The power flickered for about 2 minutes, but there was no damage at my house. I’m eager to take a walk around the hood to see the uprooted trees.

3 July 2019

Concert: Mero at Mississippi Studios. Fantastic!

Mero at Mississippi Studios

4 July 2019

Friends: 4th of July fireworks, BBQ, and Rooster Rock run. Chill, and traffic free!

The Zombie – smoke on dude.
The brightest fireworks ever!

5 July 2019

Friends: Hunting down the elusive Avalanche Lily on Mt. Hood on the Vista Ridge Trail.

Avalanche Lily. They last for about 2 weeks after the snow melts. Vista Ridge Trail, Mt. Hood N.F.
Vista Ridge Trail, Mt. Hood N.F.
Butterflies all over the forest with the coming of the wildflowers!

6 July 2019

Friends: A beautiful afternoon hanging on my friends new property in WA. So peaceful.

7-10 July 2019

Friends: Primitive camping in Mt. Hood N.F. Lots of adventure drives, hiking, and doing some heavy chill. Super special trip.

Ambient hammock hang.
Mt. Hood from some way out there forest road.
Badger Lake Wilderness. The road was hell, but it was an amazing place.
Forest vibes.

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