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10 – 16 June 2019

10 June

Official launch date of ABCSci – do you need help communicating science? ABCSci is all about visual storytelling science. You can find me at, on Instagram at ABCSci, and on Youtube at ABCSci. I’m just getting the ball rolling, so content will be coming shortly.


11 June

Thinking about: The World is a Mess, We Need Fully Automated Luxury Communism. (NYT) 100% agreed, but this idea needs to be marketed with a word other than communism. So many people have bad connotations – whether imagined or not – with that word/ideology.

Friends: Had to get a little pride in for the season. We went to Local Lounge to see the Femmes of… (pop) drag show. It was a pleasure to witness an acquaintance’s first drag performance. I forget sometimes how much I appreciate the enthusiasm of PDX queers, and the unbridled joy (and maybe a little terror) of trying new things.

I had so much fun this past weekend lugging around my good camera. It was fun trying to capture places in a totally new frame. Going to take a lot more practice!

12 June

When you have to move downstairs to the central air because it’s too damn hot in your office… cats are totally into it! I love Tongy’s expression – like woah dude I got caught cuddling Kiri.

13 June

Friends: Mediterranean vegan cook-off! I did a roasted cauliflower shawarma with roasted chickpea mango hummus and tahini dressing. We ate it on garlic naan instead of pita with a salad with vegan “feta” and cucumber yogurt dip. Nummy yummy in our tummy!

Roasted cauliflower schwarma, so tasty!
Sometimes you’re so hungry you just pile on the couch and feast!

Friends: Comfort Food and The Binary Marketing Show @ No Fun, PDX, OR Graduation celebration show! Always excellent. Was really digging the passion of Comfort Food!

Comfort Food @ No Fun
Binary Marketing Show.

14 June16 June

Friends: PDX -> Yachats, OR for Beach House Vibes
Hyena – Fire Ant – Fish

Sunset @ Yachats, OR
The fabulous ocean view from the beach house!
That small dot to the left of the moon is Jupiter. We got to see 3 of its moons through binoculars. Very cool.
Can’t get enough beach sunsets…
Cape Perpetua
Cape Perpetua
Hecata Head
Hecata Head
More Fleur
Big arse beach fire in Yachats with da crew.

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