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3 – 9 June 2019

3 June

Thinking about: “We need to talk about Instagram.” (Lecture in Progress) They mention a IG posting app called Buffer, I’m going to check that out for sure. Anything that can put more distance between IG and I the better. It’s a love/mostly hate thing.

4 June

Thinking about: I Tweeted About The Joker Being a Woman Who Was Tired of This Shit and It Now Feels Auto-Biographical (The Everywhereist)

My office is now half cat toys. They bring me toys so I’ll play with them and as gifts. The toys usually travel all over the house – upstairs and down. Don’t know why the sudden confluence in my office though…
The tree, grass, and flower pollen are killing me this year, eyes are gummy and burning constantly. Never had allergies this bad before. But I just can’t get enough flower pics!

5 June

Friends: It is fun chatting with friends about all sorts of crazy things, and being above and within the “real” city for a bit. I live in Portland proper, but my neighborhood is generally pretty quiet and not very city-like. To me at least.

Building or Borg Cube? Whatever the case i’m digging the mirrored contrails.

6 June

Friends. Meeting. Friends. Busy social day. Thankfully I get to refresh at the coast starting tomorrow!

Friends: Breakfast with one of my oldest friends still left in Portland, then vegan pizza Cook-off with the usual crew. 3 friends, 3 pies. 3 feast! Om to the nom nom nom.

7 June

PDX -> Yachats, OR

Have to start every coast trip with a stop at Oswald West.
Sunset on the beach near Yachats.

8 June

Yachats -> Reedsport -> Yachats

Forgot to pack utensils so had to mash pb with banana and eat it with my knife.
Hiking in the forest at Cape Perpetua.
Found a great little fishing beach.
Intertidal zone.
Hecata Head.
Sea Lions near the Sea Lion Cave. Why pay!
Playing at the Oregon Dunes.
This is how fossils get started. Perhaps.
The purple glow after sunset near Yachats.
“We build sand castles, that get washed away.”

9 June

Yachats -> Tillamook -> PDX

Surfing near Devils punch bowl.
Intertidal zone at Cape Lookout.

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