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24 May – 2 June 2019

24 May

Wherein she unpacks it all.

Book: A Dream of Ice by Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin

Spitbug Season
Coconut cardamom sticky rice with fresh mango. Nomz.

25 May

I’m ready to be back out in the garden again, we needed the rain but I’m sick of it.

The keep… petting… me… stinkface

26 May

Pink and red and extremely large kinda day!

27 May

The test kitchen is open today, and I’m trying a new recipe for Venezuelan style arepas. This one’s a keeper. The arepas will make an awesome delivery system for any number of yummy fillings. My vegan cooking is on fire these days!

Making Venezuelan style vegan arepas with black beans, avacado, and fried plantains.
BIG NOMZ! These recipes go in the favorites pile for sure.
I have absolutely perfected my vegan chocolate mousse. So freaking airy and chocolatey!

28 May

“Motivation is fleeting and discipline and consistency is the key” – S.C.

All of this. Non-stop. Motivation is fleeting is my theme song for the past several months on one level, and discipline and consistency on the other level. It’s past time to gain discipline and consistency on all levels.

I’m experiencing a body sensation I’ve never experienced before. It was an abs heavy cardio day today. If you’ve ever lifted weights you might know that full sensation in your muscles – that “pumped” feeling. Well that feeling is in all my abs. It’s not painful just pumped. And the pumped feels really weird.

29 May

Nature doesn’t get much better than this… stunning!

30 May

Coke thinks Americans are ready for coke with coffee. Yes! Definitely. It’s weird, but weirdly good! I had it while I was in Japan. (CNN)

Friends: Vegan Cook-off Italian Edition Part 2 – Pizza and pasta night!

Pie w/ wilted rainbow chard, purple sweet potato, field roast italian sausage, roasted rosemary and garlic chickpeas, vegan mozzarella, with pistachio pesto base. It’s gone. Nomz!
Baked penne pasta with spinach, yellow peppers, and pine nuts. Nomz!

31 May

Firepit Friday is in full-swing. Summer is here, and I’m go woman going like wild. <3

Friends: Hammock hanging out at Rooster Rock and chats around the pit welcoming another expat Brooklynite to PDX.

Book: Flâneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice, and London by Lauren Elkin


1 June

Friends: Took Sam around Mt. Hood to welcome him back to PDX and to say hello to Mt. Hood. We went up to the “secret” wildflower hike/bike. Glorious day in the sunshine. The balsam root flowers were past prime, but the indian paintbrush and lupine were growing strong. Got to take Zorgborg for a semi-loop up there. Super fun!

The Lupine glow is a-happening!

2 June

Finally got the rest of the side yard dug out, and will be ready to complete that and get a new load of gravel in as well as a couple of raised beds to start a vegetable garden. What a freaking great weekend! I have a feeling a lot of bucket list type items will happen this summer.

It makes my whole being vibrate
Lazy summer days just getting started… or up to the usual.
Labeling the plants. I don’t know what the big one next to the trellis is called though, anyone?

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