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Day 91-100

14 May 2019 – 91

Inspiring: Atlanta-based stunt performer Jazzy Ellis is one of the few women people of color doing stunts for Hollywood movies.

FU Alabama! And FU Georgia! (CNN) Forced childbirth for women and girls who have been raped… this news makes me want to puke. Addendum: FU Missouri

With the return of the cold and rain the cats have gone back to full snuggle mode.

15 May 2019 – 92

GSA conference in town, all science excited again!

Concert: The Security Project @ The Old Church, PDX, OR

Thunderstorm Artis. This kid is gonna go far!
Happy Rhodes with The Security Ptoject – what a talented group of musicians.

16 May 2019 – 93

Vegan cafe humor.

17 May 2019 – 94

Full moon over California

18 May 2019 – 95

Concert: Santigold: Ten Years Golder Tour @ The Masonic, S.F., CA

Ruth Asawa at SFMOMA
Santigold: the last show of her Ten Years Golder tour at The Masonic in S.F. CA. Fire! At the rail with a bunch of wild dancing ladies. So. Much. Fun.

19 May 2019 – 96

Thinking about: Most billionaires bloviate endlessly, others put money where it matters! And can actually make a difference. (CNN) Thank you Robert Smith – the richest black person in America.

Bye San Fran, til next time!

20 May 2019 – 97

I LOVE Spring!

21 May 2019 – 98

Living! Hit a major goal today, and so freaking happy! Thinking that this is the perfect start to an amazing summer ahead!

Great ideas: The best cycling hack is a pool noodle. (QZ) I freaking love this idea, I haven’t been riding as much long distance because drivers around here scare the eff outta me. This is a terrific $2 safety hack.

Movie: Amazing Grace @ The Hollywood Theatre. The moment when Aretha snatched Clara Ward’s wig – that was everything. A completely transcendent performance. The choir director Alexander Hamilton is also totally mesmerizing to watch.

22 May 2019 – 99

Thinking about: How I can relate … with the person who tweets that six is for amateurs! (The Powerful Mind) That being said, I am not sure I’ve reached SABLE yet, but I definitely have enough for the next 10 years or so. (Notebook Stories)

My current empty notebook stash. My filled notebooks stash is easily twice as big, so I think i’m not quite to SABLE yet, except maybe in Field Notes. There’s a whole other box of those somewhere in the house!

23 May 2019 – 100!

100 days off social media – DONE.

It always seems like it’s going to be harder, and then it turns out to be a complete non-issue. Clarity. Time. Energy. Connection. Life. Those are the things that stand out that the time away has given me. Now to give intentional attention even more attention!

Moving forward: IG gets no more than 10 minutes daily. I’ve set up IG on my Ipad, with a 10 minute screen time limit. I’ll post pics on Sundays, and vegan cook-off stories on Thursdays. I’ll continue to post here every week on Sundays as I’m enjoying writing these little blips of each day. There will be more pics on here than IG. This is my space. Aside from the actual hosting I have complete control over the site and its content. WYSIWYG – chronological – no algorithm BS here!

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