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Day 61-70

14 April 2019 – 61/100

A freshness of being emerges when you make a conscious decision to knock on the edges of your comfort zone and step into a presently different yet familiar light

Book: Who Fears Death? by Nnedi Okorofor (Fiction)

15 April 2019 – 62/100

Taxes done. Thanks Dump Truck! AGI down by ~17%, and my taxes basically doubled.

16 April 2019 – 63/100

Belly bonding with the Tongy Bonder

17 April 2019 – 64/100

The tulip overlords have arrived! Bring out the short shorts!

IMHO not even arguably… it’s the best music documentary / show I’ve ever seen.

18 April 2019 – 65/100

Thinking about: Bio-reactor “meat”. I have to be honest, the idea kinda turns my stomach (The Atlantic). I’m all for less real live animal consumption, but when you go vegetarian or vegan you just have to give up the idea that anything plant-based you eat will have the same taste or texture as meat. Instead revel in the flavors and textures that are new and different.

Cells are extracted from living animals and cultured in the lab on a diet of glucose and amino acids, where they grow into small strips of muscle tissue. [gag] 

(Popular Science).
Friends: Vegan cookoff was suspended this week to partake in the $2 vegan slices offered during Pizza week. We tried 4/5 slices – Sizzle Pie is on the shit list for stopping serving PW slices at 7PM. WTF!? This was the winning slice of the night from Rovente on Hawthorne. A close second was the slice offered by The Station on Alberta.
Portlandia in full springtime fever!

19 April 2019 – 66/100

Thinking about: Revivification – Restoration of brain circulation and cellular functions hours post-mortem (Nature)

Inspiration: Hilma af Klint Inspires an Artist to Take a Closer Look (Hypoallergic) Not only does Hilma’s art look interesting, I really love this graphical storytelling approach to relating Sarah Glidden’s experience of it.

Tiptoein through PDX.

20 April 2019 – 67/100

Building a wabi sabi perimeter “wall” for the new fire-pit area in the backyard. Beast mode activated!

21 April 2019 – 68/100

Concert: DakhaBrakha @ The Crystal Ballroom – Fantastic!

22 April 2019 – 69/100

Sun soaking season in full swing!

23 April 2019 – 70/100

70 days already. Whee! Feeling like things are starting to reach a fever pitch of go woman go. Love it! Pumped for the summer time season right around the corner. I need to start making a list of all the things I’ve accomplished since ditching social media. I had several goals set, and I think I’ve hit most of them, and then some! Not to mention the giant binder full of plant-based recipes I’ve cooked. Having so much fun with that! Body, mind, soul, and spirit are in full swing… W00T!

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