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Day 41-50

25 March 2019 – 41/100

Time for some goggle tan! Sucking O’s at 11,000 feet. My brain turns inside out, and stops, it breathes in sunshine, snow spray, and the silent whoosh of hawks circling overhead. It is a kind of liminal – seductively silent but hyper-focused. Choose the line. Plow through the chowder, edge to edge pain free and light as a feather. All of my clothes are too big.

Thinking about: Combinatory Play (Brain Pickings) “a wilderness of associations reaching across boundaries of various theories and fields of thought, not as deliberate problem-solving but as unforced mental meanderings.”

Thinking about: Human Contact is Now a Luxury Good (NYT) Sometimes you read an article and wonder is this a really good, or really bad thing? Yes & No. And No & Yes. Always at odds. Will one day bot contact be a luxury good?

Going in on a gorgeous bluebird day – Vail, CO

26 March 2019 – 42/100

Skiing at 12467 feet! Yeah!

27 March 2019 – 43/100

Mountain Heart Eyes

28 March 2019 – 44/100

A day of manspreading travel. I’m seriously tired of several different things that have been popping up lately IRL. Just taking deep breaths because none of them matter one single bit, and wasting breath on complaining is wasting time.

Book: Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

29 March 2019 – 45/100

Shero: RIP Agnes Varda (NYT)

Spring is springing majestically and the color is returning to PDX. Happy to be home again!

30 March 2019 – 46/100

Thinking about: This is the best we can do? Makes me so sad. (Gun violence, NYT)

Spring flowers

31 March 2019 – 47/100

First wild flowers of the season are starting to bloom

`1 April 2019 – 48/100

Back in the hood on my favorite corner.

2 April 2019 – 49/100

Back on the mostly plant-based I.F. train again. Feels so good.

Thinking about: African-American & Gays in politics – it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and i’m feeling good. (NYT) I’m eager to see what more diverse voices in politics can bring to the table.

Vegan cornbread muffin and sweet potato and black bean chili.

3 April 2019 – 50/100

And suddenly day 50… halfway there. I was going to get on IG to archive all my old stuff, and it seems like my account is in some sort of purgatory. Maybe I won’t be returning there at all?! 3 steps down, 2 steps up, a/cyclical chunder.

Thinking about: One country I won’t be traveling to…ever… (NYT) Plain and simple barbarism.

Joyous eyeball candy

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