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Day 11-20

23 February 2019 – 11/100

Slow tick of hail and rain on the back deck. A good day for lying in bed reading Alias Grace, baking vegan gluten-free (vgf) ginger molasses cookies, and watching Netflix.

TV: Season 2 of The Travelers

Squidge the crevasse diver.

24 February 2019 – 12/100

Vegan chili and vgf cornbread. Day of getting shit done around the house and assessing the value and state of things. Trying to see just how much I can minimize my cell phone usage this week. Ditch the scroll!

Phone: 6 mins.

Vegan gluten-free cornbread with Earth Balance and Sweet Potato and black bean chili.

25 February 2019 – 13/100

Today is the start of a week of pedal to the metal. With courage, integrity, and strength. Presence with a dusting of light snow.

Memory, the storehouse of time, is the presence of the “no more” (iam non) as expectation is the presence of the “not yet” (nondum). Therefore, I do not measure what is no more, but something in my memory that remains fixed in it. It is only by calling past and future into the present of remembrance and expectation that time exists at all. Hence the only valid tense is the present, the Now.

Saint Augustine

Thinking about: Cellphone addiction

Here’s a weird little consequence of digital map use. It’s getting harder to teach children algebra. My husband and I tutor math, and we had always brought out maps to show kids that they already knew how to find points in terms of two axes. Our latest student had never used a paper map or seen another person use one. He had a terrible time understanding Cartesian coordinates.

Kaleberg from Port Angeles, WA

Phone: 11 mins.

Chickpea scramble with spinach and roasted rosemary potatoes. (recipe)

26 February 2019 – 14/100

Feeling most excellent after the first two weeks, despite some plant-based symptoms that have erupted! The sunset today was a murky-somnambulist busting feast of every fluorescent orange-purple balm to soothe my ever color-starving neurons. Vegan pumpkin bread.

Thinking about: Being busy, or not. The strive for perfectionism in the religion of work. or?

Inspiring: Idle, Torrent by Alex Moy

We provide a way for anyone to be a conservationist. Offset your carbon ‘footprint’, preserve biodiversity or give a gift with the knowledge that you are making a direct and lasting contribution to wilderness conservation.

Phone: 6 min.

27 February 2019 – 15/100

Big fat flakes are falling, but still not enough for snow biking. Teenagers giggling down the street catching snowflakes in their smiling faces. I realized yesterday that my 20 pound ago eyeballs and my stomach were not seeing eye-to-eye and have corrected course. Hopefully this will solve unpalatable issues that have arisen.

Phone: 2 min.

28 February 2019 – 16/100

IF break day! Whenever! Whatever! Sunshine.

Friends: Vegan Chinese Cook-off! NOM. NOM.

Phone: 11 min.

Vegan Chinese Cook-off!
Tofu with garlic black bean sauce and bao with pulled heart of palm and tofu and pulled jackfruit

1 March 2019 – 17/100

Free feeding water weight gain with a side of glorious sunshine.

Performance (Dance): The Barbarian Nights or The First Dawns of The World by Compagnie Herve Koubi @ Newmark Theatre
Energetic, athletic, moody, powerful, but left me a little dry in the emotion department.

Phone: 4 min.

Photo of The Barbarian Nights by Compagnie Hervé Koubi
Leftover vegan bao with hedgehog shaped red bean buns.

2 March 2019 – 18/100

I think the lesson of the week is definitely “don’t dwell on the things you can’t control or can’t change.” Afreakingmen! Shiver, shake, let it bake n explode, and then let that shit go!

TV: Season 3 of The Travelers

Phone: 3 min.

Starting the Pittock Mansion climb, Forest Park, PDX.

3 March 2019 – 19/100

Pickled red cabbage, banana bread muffins, coconut rice with baked tofu and peanut sauce, more sunshine and wind and big bouncy bass lines down the block. Completely de-bloated, yay! Researching adventure options and lazy Sunday daydreaming.

Phone: 9 min. Minimizing cell phone for a week was way easier than I anticipated. I just treat the phone like ye olde land line of sorts. Will check in again at the beginning of next month and see how I got along with it for the rest of March when I try another “hacking” technique. For now it’s staying in ye olde configuration – the sense of freedom is unnerving and thus necessary.

4 March 2019 – 20/100

Checking out with Hannah under a clear blue sky. Administrata and slogging. The finale of The Travelers was a satisfying enough for me ending. All this plant-based business is clicking into place.

Chickpea scramble with kale, avacado and pickled red cabbage.
Sunshiney days bring out all the critters.
My favorite neighborhood corner is alive again!

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