Weekly Dispatch 04/2016

Malheur Wildlife Refuge from Malheur Field Station
Malheur Wildlife Refuge from Malheur Field Station

Greetings from Eastern Oregon. I haven’t had time (actually energy) to write a weekly dispatch in the past couple weeks. I’ve been in and out of town so much this summer that i’m not sure where I am until I step out the door. It feels very discombobulating, but exciting, and fun too. Already learned so much this summer, and now I’m out here officially starting my grad research. We are doing a bit of reconnaissance of hot springs, and hopefully some sampling as well. Last week I was trying to cram as much hydrology into my brain in about three days as I was humanly capable of… and write a sampling procedures and docs in about 24 hours. It was stressful, but I did it. We shall see how the procedures pan out in the coming week.

Between the end of field camp and the start of of this trip I managed to get in a quick backpacking trip up to Jefferson Park next to Mt. Jefferson. Absolutely beautiful location. I’ll write more, and post more pics when I return.

In the meantime if you want to keep a closer tab on what I’ve been doing lately i’ve been posting to Instagram pretty regularly (link above).

I’m finishing up reading up Grace Jones’ memoir – and she mentioned this song, which was banned in the US.