Weekly Dispatch 02/2017

Our freedom means shit-all if we do not allow those seeking the same the opportunity to achieve it!

The Women’s March Portland, OR

So here we are at the end of the first week in Dumpistan. I will not say his name. Dump Truck is what he’s called in the house. So here’s my scorecard so far…

Coming after women (check)
Coming after immigrants (check)
Coming after scientists (check)
Coming after ACA (check)
Coming after LBGTQ (waiting for the bomb to drop)
Minorities, veterans, working poor… who else?

I guess the one positive of all these EOs is that with each one the mass of people joining the resistance grows larger and larger. One bit of advice, you can’t fight this every day. You have to take breaks, rest, recharge, get outside, talk to neighbors, turn off the media (all of it). Connect, organize, rest, and resist. Whatever your body and mind need – listen to it, and do it. If you feel the need, write down the things you believe in, how you feel about them, what they mean to you. And keep writing. Or drawing. Or singing. Or dancing. Move it out physically, mentally, emotionally. Or maybe do nothing at all. But try to keep the channels open.

Drawing as therapy

This past week I have been trying really hard to recharge, to stay focused because I am in the midst of getting some proposals done that can help propel my research forward. I have to keep plugging forward…maybe you do too…

Measuring tree throw in Marquam Nature Park in my Hillslopes class

At the same time I’ve been trying to take some time each night to practice guitar, draw, and reflect on a wide variety of things. I’ve been thinking about how we’ve all said or done something/s profoundly shitty during our lifetimes. We’re human. I’ve been thinking about the importance of life-long learning. Especially important in this time of ever increasing automation. Stay on top of skills. Make yourself valuable, make yourself skilled. Besides learning is fun (or should be!) I’ve been thinking about religion/s, lack of religion, spirituality, connection. I’ve been thinking about growth, change, and maturation – about progression > regression.

And I’ve been communing with the fur children – taking breathers. Chilling, as much as possible. Next week I’ll be back in the fight again.

Communing with the fur children

I’ll leave you with one last thought. To me diversity is of fundamental importance in social collaboration and cooperation. Diversity of ideas, diversity of cultures, diversity in every form. Diversity is strength. Sure, working with diverse groups of people can be scary and challenging. But, from personal experience, the things that scare you a little and challenge you a little make you stronger.

I find myself currently sitting in a place with a lot of discomfort (mental/emotional not physical). In some ways it’s exhausting (so exhausting), and in others exhilarating.  By confronting that discomfort i’m exploring the things that scare me and challenge me.  Hopefully that will help me grow stronger. It’s fucking uncomfortable. It feels like it never ends. And it doesn’t. Because that’s life, and that’s being human. We can cringe and collapse in on ourselves, or we can open arms, open wide…