Weekly Dispatch 02/2016

Just a quickie update of some of the things we’ve been up to this week – it’s been a busy one! I’m about to head out for Field Camp in Eastern OR, so look for pics from there on Instagram throughout the week as service permits. Won’t be getting an update here until mid next week. Sorry I don’t have time to post more pics here, but will try to get more up next week.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July!

So much sadness… RIP Bill Cunningham

Is it Jill Stein’s year to get noticed

We went to the Black Sheep Gathering, Eugene OR where Mary bought some fibers, and we petted some sheep.

Jay Keeree’s animated geometric GIFs

The Rossby Whistle

After our enthusiastic response to the start to the season, OITNB we are done with you! We are not going to finish Season 4, and we will not be watching any further seasons. Enough is enough. Frankly i’m pretty done with T.V. To paraphrase Mary “Recreating injustices in such a violent “shock and awe” manner is not making a purposeful political statement”.

I have started One Book July 2016. Third year of participating.

I have been Vloggin Summer.

Ate at Lovely’s Fifty Fifty and had an amazing pizza experience.

Took a quick road trip to Olympia WA via Hoquium on the 3rd-4th. Ate some clam strips, bought some beads, slept in.