Summer Project Launch!

I’m finally exited to share with you the launch of my summer (and beyond) project A Field Guide to Wondrous Things. A few of you are aware that for the past 3 years I’ve been doing a semi-secret Youtube channel. I’ve posted over 100 videos on that channel and have over 2000 subscribers, and it’s served as an awesome way to connect with others, and experiment with video content creation. It’s been quite an adventure, but only plays to two of my passions. Now I’m looking to connect with more of my life-driving passions, and a much wider audience.

That’s where A Field Guide to Wondrous Things takes over. On AFG2WT I’m going to focus on the intersection of art/science/storytelling and the natural world. These are topics I’ve been interested in exploring in the past, but I’ve never had a super clear vision of how. I’ve thought about a magazine (TBD), I’ve thought about an art space, and I’ve thought about longer animated pieces. Video is the happy medium for me for right now, but I do plan to roll out content in other mediums as the project unfolds.

So without further ado I present the first introductory episode of A Field Guide to Wondrous Things called The Green Between:

If the project excites, stimulates, intrigues, or makes you do a happy dance please consider supporting the channel in some fashion. I’m specifically looking for any or all of  the following:

  • gas or equipment $
  • a GoPro camera
  • sound equipment upgrade (wireless lavalier mic)
  • a 10 sec introductory tune
  • collaborators & other creative wanderers
  • smiles, encouragement and spontaneous dance parties!

Contact me if you would like to donate equipment, or you can donate directly through my Youtube channel or right here! Thanks for your support!

You can find AFG2WT on the web at :

A Field Guide to Wondrous Things (Youtube)

WondrousFieldGuide (Instagram)

AFG2WT on (PDFs & Links to other content)