Happy New Year!

Happy 2016!

And here we go, another new year. I’ve chosen my driving word for the new year – METAMORPHOSIS. 2015 was about diving a good bit deeper and maintaining, 2016 is about using what I’ve learned so far to begin to metamorphose. I’ve made no resolutions for the new year, only goals.

I was about 50/50 with last years goals, and generally speaking i’m good with that. We do what we can do. To name a few I’m pleased to say I managed to lose a few pounds over the course of the year, got in around 500 miles of hiking and walking, read over 30 books, and maintained and even improved some personal relationships. The failures and goals not attended to are not worth mentioning, or dwelling over painfully. There is more work to be done in 2016!

And that’s where the idea of metamorphosis comes in. Taking the old, evolving it into something new. Change is hard, but there are several aspects to my personal mythology that need alteration. They have become irritating, frustrating, and obsolete, continually fighting against me rather than for me. So i’m working on altering / altering my perception of these frustrating things to better suit me. The biggest challenge i’m working on this year is the work/play/life balance. Fall 2015 was a work/life/play nightmare. Everything imploded and exploded simultaneously leaving me completely drained and down. Way down.

And I lingered there for a bit, and it was fine. And then I went home to visit family and friends and that was the start of lifting me back up. And then I started putting together lists of things I wanted to work on in this process of metamorphosis, and that is exciting. Or excites me. Or what have you.

I have several themes I’m running my goals under, each theme has 10-20 items, each month I pick one or two items under each theme to focus on, and then I check in with those on a daily basis. At the very least I’ll be checking in with my goals on a monthly basis, rather than saying woohoo it’s a new fricken year here I go here are my goals…YAH! And then it’s December 31st (or January 2nd) and I’ve not tended to any of them.

So here I am on the 5th day of January. School just started back up, I have a minimum of two more quarters left. On one hand I’m ready to graduate, on the other i’m still contemplating completing a math minor. On one foot I’m going to apply to at least one grad program, on the other I missed the boat for applying for Fall 2016 for a couple others. That’s okay, i’m trying to make the process of more school going forward feel like an organic process instead of a PITA as much as possible. Applying to grad school and organic…hahahah, that might be a pipe dream. EFF that, I will make it so, because I need it to be so!

And changing my story, I will make it so, because I need it to be so! Always moving forward in mirth and merriment as much as possible. Go 2016!

Do you have goals you wish to accomplish this year? What are they? What are you doing to make them happen today?