Following the Yeti

On the 26 of January I started a second round of The Artist’s Way. I’m doing it along with a couple other folks on Youtube. After each days set of morning pages I draw a really quick 4-panel comic – quick as in under 2 minutes. Mary and I have been following along with Lynda Barry’s tumblr where she shares her current class assignments. We have been using a group Tumblr to share some of our work, but I thought it would be fun to post these here too. So here are the first 12 comics. Doing quick panels like this is fun, loose and without judgement. Some of the stuff that comes up is current day stuff, some is daydreamy type stuff, and some comes from things I’m working on. There’s been a lot of chaotic and nervous energy around and that’s definitely reflected in a number of the panels. We are having fun working along with some of Professor Yeti’s assignments.  I’ve done quite a bit of drawing so far this year, and it feels good. It’s a nice counterpoint to the intensity of these last 2 quarters of school. Stay tuned more is afoot.

And i’ve started running again…

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