End of 2016 Dispatch

Latourell Falls, Columbia River Gorge

It’s holiday break, and I have had nearly 30 days “off”, so it’s time to sit down and write a wee dispatch. Maybe this will even ignite a more regular writing schedule. The inspiring outpouring of excellent post-election writing motivates me.

I survived the first quarter of grad school. Things went well enough, and I feel like i’m making decent progress. I also feel like some part of the groove isn’t quite right, and a little regrouping/rejiggering needs to happen. If you’ve ever been skiing it feels like that moment when you let the tow rope slide through your gloves right before you commit to clenching your fists and grabbing hold. Let’s just say I’m thankful we have a nice long break, several days of 11+ hours of sleep have done wonders to my mood and attitude.

It’s been a disruptive and stressful past few months as school started, and we simultaneously began a mortgage refinance, and subsequent major overhaul/update of the house. We are in a bit of reprieve right now before the HVAC system gets updated. However, during this reprieve I also have to box up, store, discard, donate everything in the upstairs and move it out or down so we can have the flooring replaced. It’s been a long time coming, so, excited and stressed in equal measure. Still have a lot more to move and declutter.

Overall I’d say this has been a pretty successful and happy year, got to see new places, do new things, and meet new people. What more can you ask for? Sure there were bleak moments, but as Dina Martina reminded us just the other day there are always peaks and vallies to life, sometimes you’re high, sometimes you’re low.

My word for the year was METAMORPHOSIS, and I felt like that really drove a lot of personal change for me over the course of the year. Some of this may have not been outwardly obvious, but it was a major shift for me. I’m still getting to know this “shifted” me, but the it is exciting and empowering.  I have chosen two words to drive 2017. The first is KINDLE, for my interior stuff. The second is GALVANIZE, for my exterior stuff. I think these new words kicked in for me sometime in November. These “driving word” things arn’t set in stone to expire or come into play at any specific time. We shall see what the new year brings.

So raise a glass to 2016 – see ya!

And here’s hoping for another joyful, prosperous, and fun new year in 2017!