AFG2WT Episode #2: Our place in the family of things

A Field Guide to Wondrous Things Episode #2: Our Place in the Family of Things

The second episode of A Field Guide to Wondrous Things is done! Finally. Adventures, computer failures, wanting to make sure everything was perfect (it’s still not and I’m okay with that), made the production time go on and on and on. The accompanying Tiny Adventure PDF is still in production, and that’ll be out next week, but hopefully there are enough pointers in the video to get you started. I read the poem above during the introduction of the video, but if you’re interested in hearing the poet herself read it, hit the link above. Without further ado, please enjoy…

And stay tuned for the next episode which will hopefully not take quite as long, it’s going to be about storytelling. Thanks for watching AND…

If the project excites, stimulates, intrigues, or makes you do a happy dance please consider supporting the channel in some fashion. I’m specifically looking for any or all of  the following:

  • gas or equipment $
  • a GoPro camera
  • a 10 sec introductory tune
  • collaborators & other creative wanderers
  • smiles, encouragement and spontaneous dance parties!

Contact me if you would like to donate equipment, or you can donate directly through my Youtube channel or right here! Thanks for your support!

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